What Is Your Operating System?

What Is Your Operating System?

Why do we talk about something called the Global Village? Actually is there a village named like that? No. That is a term which we use to describe the development of technology. What does that mean? If someone asks you what is global village and would that be enough as an answer? Hopefully not. We know that the use of computers is a very common thing in today’s context of the society. Almost every individual have seen and used any type of computer or laptop, although surprisingly there are many people who lives in different parts of the world who have not even touched a computer. Now it has gone to the next level. We use smartphones, tabs from which we can everything that we were doing with computers and laptops.

However, if you look at the evolvement of a computer, you will find it interesting and of course it is something worth studying. The history, in other words. When it comes to the real use, how would you operate a computer? Have you heard of something called an operating system (OS)? It is the software on which all the programmes are run. Without the OS, it will be like a human body without the heart. Heart is what starts blood circulation and allows a man or a woman to live. Similarly, the OS is what starts all the hardware. Having said that, the next section to look at is, the operating systems available for you. Windows, or Microsoft Windows is the most popular OS in the world. It was introduced to the world by the richest man on Earth at present, Bill Gates. Windows is generally run in all the brands of computers, such as HP, Dell, Asus etc. Those are manufactured with the capacity to run Windows. Microsoft has not only created the OS.

They further introduced MS office package back in 1990 making it a milestone of the history of technological developments. Today, it has come to the level of office365 business where you can handle and share your documents on an Internet platform. What’s more? They have reached the pinnacle of success. Up next, is another name that you all love, Apple. It would be correct to state that Apple is the greatest innovator of the 21st Century. Thanks to Steve Jobs, the man who is behind all their achievements in just a decade since the beginning. Apple manufactures Mac Books. But, it should be noted that a Mac can never be operated with MS windows. It has its own OS, called the MAC OS which is unique. Once you get used to Mac OS, it will be very to work. For instance, if you use a Mac for your organizational work such as designing, the outcome will be absolutely brilliant, which may even result in better out look for your website, search optimisation and so on.

Moreover, there are some other operating systems like Ubuntu, Linux. Currently no one seems to be using those on a regular basis.
That’s briefly about it. What is your OS?

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