Blogger Vs. WordPress: The Battle Of The Blog Sites

Blogger Vs. WordPress: The Battle Of The Blog Sites

These days, blogging is a very common pastime. In fact, some people have even managed to make a career out of it. Blogs are often designed to target a niche audience, providing useful and/or entertaining information to those who are interested.

Bloggers write about anything and everything. From blogs written by stay-at-home mums through to gaming blogs, there is something out there to suit every interest. If you are thinking about setting up a blog yourself, the first thing you need to decide is what you’re going to blog about. The second thing you need to consider is which blogging platform you’re going to use to publish your work.

Blogging platforms

While it’s possible to self-host a blog, most people opt to use one of the many free blogging services that are available. Web design in Australia has become more accessible than ever before thanks to these services – and in most cases you don’t even need to understand coding to get started! While there are a number of blogging platforms out there, some are better than others – and some aren’t as ‘free’ as they claim to be. When it comes to free blog platforms, there are two that stand out from the rest – Blogger and WordPress. Which is the best? Well it really depends on the individual!


WordPress is an open-source blogging tool and CMS. It can be used to create everything from basic blogs through to complex ecommerce web design ventures.

A free WordPress account gives you:

•    A blog, which can be a static or hybrid website
•    3GB of storage for posts and media
•    A tool to help connect your blog with social networks
•    Stats for tracking visitors
•    Access to non-premium themes – many of these can be customised web designers Melbourne.
•    On-the-go access via a mobile app (iOS, Android and BlackBerry)

Additional (premium) features cost money – and they are charged either as a once-off fee or on a per-blog-per-year basis.


Google acquired Blogger in 2003, and it’s not a commercial service. Designed specifically for those who want to create a blog site, Blogger is completely free – there are no premium rates or upgrade fees, and all features are included.

Blogger allows you to:

•    Customise your blog’s appearance
•    Acquire free hosting
•    Choose between a free Blogger domain, or using a custom domain if you have one
•    Gain mobile access via apps (iOS and Android)
•    Obtain easy access to Google’s advertising schemes

The full range of features is available to any user from the get-go. There is no premium service option.

Which one?
WordPress and Blogger both have their benefits – choosing the right platform really depends on your personal requirements. Both are excellent, affordable options that make creating and managing a blog child’s play. You’ll find that setting up your blog is easy no matter which platform you choose. Blog sites are very simple to create, and therefore there’s no need to call in a full-service agency to get the job done. However, if you do need a little help, it’s easy to find freelance web design Darwin, get more info – and they’ll be much cheaper than going through an agency!

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